Radio GooGoo

Just got back from Waiheke Island for the small-scale launch of ICONZ’s new (and rather excellent) wireless product. It’s a Joint Venture with Emagen Tech, and Emagen includes the mad skillz of my mate Moz, so that’s all good. I think it’ll sell like hotcakes, and I don’t even know what hotcakes _are_.

Anyway, the 45min ferry trip over there (and back) is actually rather nice, at night, with Bill Hicks on my ipod and no-one else on the boat. Very cool.

Speaking of ipods, I am going to DARE to upgrade to itunes 4.5 and a corresponding firmware update on my pod, even though there are reports of dodgy upgrades, crashed pods, etc on the model I have. Say it’s not so, Apple! Say it’s not so!

I think I might actually try to purchase an apple desktop computer one of these days, one that can run MacOS-X. Ideally, one of them cute imac thingies with the flat screen and the round base. Apple’s design philosophies are quite compelling.

What else is new – I bought 900G of disk for one of my servers, 3x300G. That’ll keep it going for _months_ and let me cycle some dodgy spindles out of production. I’ll pull it down tomorrow and get ’em installed. I’ve been warning the userbase for days now, so they should be cool about it.

Neil Gaiman posted in his blog that he’s doing a “secret project” with Penn Jillette. [Insert squeaky fanboy squeal here]. I’ve been avidly watching the new episodes of “Bullshit” as they come out. What a fantastic show.


  1. I think it’ll sell like hotcakes, and I don’t even know what hotcakes _are_.


  2. had to be done..

    Sell Like Hotcakes

    Meaning: Go over big; have a big commercial success.

    Origin: In the early 1800’s, hotcakes were the popular fast food at carnivals and country fairs. Anyone who set up a hot cake was sure to make a killing.
    (from here)

    That said, I’ve never met the other commenter, so it’s possible he (?) may also have a point

  3. I think I might actually try to purchase an apple desktop computer one of these days

    Soon you will be one of us. I’ll order your robes. What size do you take?

    • “Showboat” size.

      • Oh no, that won’t do at all. You’ll need to be slim and attractive to be a Mac user. I’m sure that’s in the ads.

        How about… you can be debonair, right? That might work.

        • I have been known to do little dances based on what’s playing on my ipod, even while standing in a crowd of people on busy urban streets.

          Surely that’s good enough? Big non-suit-wearing guy with ipod, dancing, in the middle of a crowd of grey-suited corporate drones all standing stock still waiting for the crossing light to change? Tell me that’s not good ipod ad material right there.

          • We have to admit, that’s pretty good. We think we can craft a Mac-using image for you. It would help if you dyed your hair an unnatural colour, though.

  4. iPod update. My 30GB iPod upgraded tastily without any hassles, and dammit, they finally implemented support for the “Grouping” field that they added to the metadata way back in 4.1, so I’m happy because my NZ music playlist works now.

    Also, about buying a Mac. Ha ha fucking ha ha ha told you so.