Month: April 2004

Go Go!

I am in gadget heaven today. I took delivery of a 40GB Apple iPod, which is a fantastic mp3 player and sneakernet device, which came in the single sexiest piece of packaging EVER. Apple rules at this stuff. So much thought has gone into every element of this thing, it’s just amazing.

I ALSO took delivery of a Woosh modem, and signed myself up for an account – this will be used for short term internet connectivity at the new apartment until the Big Fast Link gets installed. After that, I plan to use it for portable connectivity – I have plans to build the woosh device, a NAT/DHCP router, and an 802.11g base station into a portable set of battery powered modules which I can build into a coat or some webbing – and I’ll be able to wander around, tied into the net at reasonable speeds, and able to tie others into the net as well. I’m further pondering some kind of always on camera in the same rig, streaming stuff back to a server… yeah… plus if I can scrounge up a chord keyboard and some glasses-mounted displays, then I get to do some real borg-y stuff – speech recognition keyword auto-lookups, facial recognition database entries, navigational assistants, all SORTS of cool shit.

Aw yeah. I’m in my happy geek place.