Goddamn Cat

I really miss my cat.

It’s incredible how a pet will get under your skin. You get totally accustomed to them. On a basic level, my brain still can’t accept that I can walk into the kitchen and _open the fridge_ without causing Elvis to materialise with his familiar little jingle of flea-collar bell ringing.

A very specific jingle, at that. Only Elvis waddled in that specific manner.

Can’t believe how sad I am.

It’s times like this that really remind me how lucky I am to have found Annette. I’ve spent a lot of my life either single or in bullshit relationships, only a handful of them have had a lot of meaning to me. If I was single now, I’d be _really_ torn up AND lonely. But no – my beloved is nearby, and she misses Mr Fuzzface as much as I do.

Amazing how much of a wuss I’m being, over a freakin’ cat.

One thought on “Goddamn Cat

  1. Oh hon, I am thinking the same things about you. I love you one thousand times.

    One day we will think about Mr Kitty and we won’t be sad anymore, we’ll just remember how great he was and how lucky we are to have had such a fantastic fuzzy friend around for a while.

    But until then. Ow. It hurts so much 😦


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