That Darn Cat

For those of you reading this who know me (or Annette) well enough to have visited, you’ll all be familiar with Elvis (Aka: Kitty, Aka: Mr Kitty, Aka: Kittykins) our much beloved cat.

I am sorry to announce that Elvis passed away about 30 minutes ago, at the emergency vet clinic.

He had some kind of seizure, Annette’s parents heard him yowling, woke us up, we took him straight to the vets, and it was still too late. He didn’t even have time to get an injection to put him to sleep.

He wasn’t acting strangely prior to any of this, he was eating well, behaving normally, he seemed All Good. The vet said that there was nothing anyone could have done.

I’ve had Elvis for 11 years. My heart is truly sore.

I shall miss his casual attempts to disembowel my arm when I rubbed his tummy. I shall miss his efforts to bite my entire head (foiled only by the fact that the curve of my skull is too great for his mouth to get around). I shall even miss his casual use of my belly while I’m asleep as a launching pad to get him up into nearby tall objects.

Hail to The King, baby. Hail to The King.

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