Professor Plum. In the Apple Shop. With the iPod.

So, this:

Someone bludgeoned someone else to death .. with an _iPod_?

I mean … really?

The iPod is sleek. The iPod is stylish. The iPod is easy to use. The iPod is in truth an excellent piece of industrial design, much like most of what Apple make these days (the new metal G5 tower case is, if I may use the vernacular, “Teh Sex0r”) but the iPod is NOT what I would first choose as an offensive weapon to be used in a club-like manner. It’s neither heavy, nor massive. You’d have to, like, sock someone with it fifty times to cause any significiant damage, much less _kill_ them! And what an embarassing way to go!

[I just re-read the article – the person involved did indeed club them about 40 times with the ipod… they could have spent just a few seconds at the start fetching a more suitable weapon, like the traditional Tyre Iron, or maybe a classic British Bakelite Phone – those things are heavy! Measure twice, club once, people! I guess in this modern age of portable plastic technojunk, paper lamps from Askew, and featherweight ikea shelves made from pot metal and compressed sawdust, you take your blunt instruments where you can find them.]


  1. Unfortunately, it would seem to be “not really”. Sad.

  2. We live in a very strange world.

    Or then again…


    It’s just a marketing ploy for them to use the phrase “Killer Style” in their advertising!

    Probably me reading Jennifer Government recently… and playing Nation States too much.