I haven’t updated in, like, ages. So this is a multi-part one:

WORK: Has been keeping me really busy. Sales dept keep dropping work on me, and some of the network stuff is surprisingly complex at that. PESKY! Wearing my R&D hat, the new wireless rooftop public access system works SWEETLY, thanks to Mah Man Grant Z shaking bugs out of the proxy software. He Is The Man.

HOME: Still no movement on the apartment, though practical completion cannot be far away – it was expected last friday. We WILL live in the city, and we WILL drink coffee at all hours. THE LINE MUST BE DRAWN HERE .. AND NO FURTHER!

GEEK: Primary home file server is out of disk. Remember when a Terabyte was a lot of storage? Yeah, me too. Am considering upgrade options currently.

MEDIA: Annette bought me the Tenacious D DVD, which has Making Of documentaries, and a live show, and an On The Road documentary as well. GLEE! I am once again completely caught up on my MST3K collection – I’m only missing a handful of the shows. I invited Poe (of Fanimatrix creation fame) to attend my monthly Auckland MST3K party, at my apartment buildings 20-seat theatre, and he’s totally keen, as is everyone else I’ve been asking. KICK ASS. It’s gonna be a geeky dork-fest of the highest order. EXCELSIOR! Watched Bubba Ho-Tep, the best cowboy mummy film featuring Elvis and an Ex-President of the USA _ever_. Bruce Campells best work. Seriously. Watched Black Books season 3 episode 1. Awesomely funny. Features Simon Pegg (of Spaced fame) as a new recurring character, and he’s fantastic. So great to see more of Bill Bailey and Dylan Moran.

PERSONAL: Cut my hair. Couldn’t stand the mullet. Also, Auckland is still pretty freakin’ hot. Back to the buzzcut.[1]



[1] “It certainly does suck!”

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  1. Tenacious D DVD! Just got that last night.

    Sorry about kitty-cat-o-doom 🙁
    I know what you’re feeling, and it sucks.