Month: March 2004

A Place Of Our Own

Splendid news about apartment actually being finished has gone some way to offsetting my sadness about Elvis. I’m now able to discuss with people about what a great cat he was, or to look at a picture of him (which, thanks to Annette, we have zillions of) or _even_ look at his empty enamel food dish without whimpering like a little girl.

Having other cats to pet seems to help a great deal, too.

I’ve been playing UT2K4. It’s still a big bunch of fun. Need to convince Chris to have another LAN very very soon.

Stupid Dead Cat

Blubbed again. And why? Cleaning out Elvis’ litter tray, and putting it away in storage.

For fucks sake.

What must it be like to lose a child? It must be, like, this times a thousand in heartache.

Goddamn Cat

I really miss my cat.

It’s incredible how a pet will get under your skin. You get totally accustomed to them. On a basic level, my brain still can’t accept that I can walk into the kitchen and _open the fridge_ without causing Elvis to materialise with his familiar little jingle of flea-collar bell ringing.

A very specific jingle, at that. Only Elvis waddled in that specific manner.

Can’t believe how sad I am.

It’s times like this that really remind me how lucky I am to have found Annette. I’ve spent a lot of my life either single or in bullshit relationships, only a handful of them have had a lot of meaning to me. If I was single now, I’d be _really_ torn up AND lonely. But no – my beloved is nearby, and she misses Mr Fuzzface as much as I do.

Amazing how much of a wuss I’m being, over a freakin’ cat.

That Darn Cat

For those of you reading this who know me (or Annette) well enough to have visited, you’ll all be familiar with Elvis (Aka: Kitty, Aka: Mr Kitty, Aka: Kittykins) our much beloved cat.

I am sorry to announce that Elvis passed away about 30 minutes ago, at the emergency vet clinic.

He had some kind of seizure, Annette’s parents heard him yowling, woke us up, we took him straight to the vets, and it was still too late. He didn’t even have time to get an injection to put him to sleep.

He wasn’t acting strangely prior to any of this, he was eating well, behaving normally, he seemed All Good. The vet said that there was nothing anyone could have done.

I’ve had Elvis for 11 years. My heart is truly sore.

I shall miss his casual attempts to disembowel my arm when I rubbed his tummy. I shall miss his efforts to bite my entire head (foiled only by the fact that the curve of my skull is too great for his mouth to get around). I shall even miss his casual use of my belly while I’m asleep as a launching pad to get him up into nearby tall objects.

Hail to The King, baby. Hail to The King.

Go Where?

This from Wil Wheatons blog:

Today, I get my wish. (Which is a good thing, because all those frozen weasels were getting expensive.)Walt Disney Television Animation came to my voice over agent last week, and requested me for a new show they’re doing called — get this — Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!

There are no words to describe how much I want to see a show called Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!, no words at all.


Professor Plum. In the Apple Shop. With the iPod.

So, this:

Someone bludgeoned someone else to death .. with an _iPod_?

I mean … really?

The iPod is sleek. The iPod is stylish. The iPod is easy to use. The iPod is in truth an excellent piece of industrial design, much like most of what Apple make these days (the new metal G5 tower case is, if I may use the vernacular, “Teh Sex0r”) but the iPod is NOT what I would first choose as an offensive weapon to be used in a club-like manner. It’s neither heavy, nor massive. You’d have to, like, sock someone with it fifty times to cause any significiant damage, much less _kill_ them! And what an embarassing way to go!

[I just re-read the article – the person involved did indeed club them about 40 times with the ipod… they could have spent just a few seconds at the start fetching a more suitable weapon, like the traditional Tyre Iron, or maybe a classic British Bakelite Phone – those things are heavy! Measure twice, club once, people! I guess in this modern age of portable plastic technojunk, paper lamps from Askew, and featherweight ikea shelves made from pot metal and compressed sawdust, you take your blunt instruments where you can find them.]


I haven’t updated in, like, ages. So this is a multi-part one:

WORK: Has been keeping me really busy. Sales dept keep dropping work on me, and some of the network stuff is surprisingly complex at that. PESKY! Wearing my R&D hat, the new wireless rooftop public access system works SWEETLY, thanks to Mah Man Grant Z shaking bugs out of the proxy software. He Is The Man.

HOME: Still no movement on the apartment, though practical completion cannot be far away – it was expected last friday. We WILL live in the city, and we WILL drink coffee at all hours. THE LINE MUST BE DRAWN HERE .. AND NO FURTHER!

GEEK: Primary home file server is out of disk. Remember when a Terabyte was a lot of storage? Yeah, me too. Am considering upgrade options currently.

MEDIA: Annette bought me the Tenacious D DVD, which has Making Of documentaries, and a live show, and an On The Road documentary as well. GLEE! I am once again completely caught up on my MST3K collection – I’m only missing a handful of the shows. I invited Poe (of Fanimatrix creation fame) to attend my monthly Auckland MST3K party, at my apartment buildings 20-seat theatre, and he’s totally keen, as is everyone else I’ve been asking. KICK ASS. It’s gonna be a geeky dork-fest of the highest order. EXCELSIOR! Watched Bubba Ho-Tep, the best cowboy mummy film featuring Elvis and an Ex-President of the USA _ever_. Bruce Campells best work. Seriously. Watched Black Books season 3 episode 1. Awesomely funny. Features Simon Pegg (of Spaced fame) as a new recurring character, and he’s fantastic. So great to see more of Bill Bailey and Dylan Moran.

PERSONAL: Cut my hair. Couldn’t stand the mullet. Also, Auckland is still pretty freakin’ hot. Back to the buzzcut.[1]



[1] “It certainly does suck!”