“Music Industry Piracy Investigations this morning raided the offices of P2P companies Sharman Networks and Brilliant Digital Entertainment, along with the homes of key executives and several ISPs.”

“MIPI general manager Michael Speck told ZDNet Australia the order was specifically targeted at the operators of the Kazaa network. “This is not about individuals, this is about the big fish,” said Speck. “This is a signal that Internet music piracy is finished in Australia.” The ISPs and Universities were raided to gain evidence about the operators of the Kazaa network.”

Internet Music Piracy is finished in Australia? Of course, in the Emerald City of Australia on Planet Crackhead in the Blue Sky Galaxy.

Kazaa is but one, and an inferior one at that, of around a zillion different ways to obtain shared music, movies, files and other misc stuff. Shutting down businesses means exactly fuck followed by all – there are open-source decentralised systems in place right now that are by all intents and purposes unstoppable. The genie is OUT of the fucking bottle.


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  1. El Patio! always wins.