Shining, gleaming,streaming, flaxen, waxen!

So. I’m at the start of growing my hair back out to its former majesty. Only, there are problems. Firstly, it takes longer to wash and stuff, but hey, that happens.

But secondly…. and most terrifyingly …. it’s in a middle-stage where the back is getting quite long, but the top and front of my hair are not yet long enough to hang back by themselves.

And there’s a word for this.

And that word is: Mullet

And I don’t know what to do about it. I could either trim the back down, and wait for the rest of my hair to catch up, or I could EMBRACE THE MULLET and grow it out to Full Maximum Mulletude! Excelsior!



  1. Good heavens! You’ve gone all blonde.

  2. I saw much much MUCH worse than that on the train this evening. The woman I saw had probably about 2 inches of spiky hair on top, and then the rest of it was long down past her bra strap (hey it’s an easy measure 🙂

    I was scared.