Month: January 2004

Pew Pew Pew!

Christian FUD:


“Georgia students could graduate from high school without learning much about evolution, and may never even hear the word uttered in class.

New middle and high school science standards proposed by state Schools Superintendent Kathy Cox strike references to “evolution” and replace them with the term “biological changes over time,” a revision critics say will further weaken learning in a critical subject.”


Oh, yeah. Brilliant. Praise the Lord.


You know, the really good thing about this sort of stuff is that it’s a self-correcting system. The way it’ll work is as follows: The Fundie Right will continue to very slowly take over the US, slowly, and keep phasing out pesky old “Science” and “Truth” and suchlike, in favour of their stories about invisible supermen who live in the sky. Several generations later, there’s little menaingful scientific research and development going on in the US, because it’s The Devils Work. And then one day, the fundies will get all het up about forn’ types and come screaming out of the US, armed with rifles and pistols and nukes and all the other neat stuff they managed to develop up until the point where they chucked science out of the window. And they’ll be intent on bringing The Word to other countries by force if necessary. And at that point, the countries who have NOT chucked in Science in favour of Delusion will raise their personal force fields, activate the fusion dampening fields, and open fire into the crowds of fundies with hypersonic railguns and particle cannons. And I think they’ll smile as they do so. I know I would.


Shining, gleaming,streaming, flaxen, waxen!

So. I’m at the start of growing my hair back out to its former majesty. Only, there are problems. Firstly, it takes longer to wash and stuff, but hey, that happens.

But secondly…. and most terrifyingly …. it’s in a middle-stage where the back is getting quite long, but the top and front of my hair are not yet long enough to hang back by themselves.

And there’s a word for this.

And that word is: Mullet

And I don’t know what to do about it. I could either trim the back down, and wait for the rest of my hair to catch up, or I could EMBRACE THE MULLET and grow it out to Full Maximum Mulletude! Excelsior!


Cerebus the Aardvark

Cerebus the Aardvark is at Issue 300, which means that (a) Dave Sim will have written, drawn and self-published 300 issues of a comic book (about an anthropomophic aardvark) from 1977 to 2004, and (b) That I might finally get around to buying the last few trade paperback phonebooks in the series.

I stopped buying them about the time that Daves work turned from brilliant comic books into poorly veiled (or not even that) ranting misogynist screeds which happened to also have pictures of an aardvark.

I am … fucking amazed that the same dude who produced High Society also managed some of the later incomprehensible crap in the series.

HOWEVER, regardless of my opinion of the work – much much kudos to Dave for having the drive to self-publish his work for a quarter-century.

I wonder if my local comics shop has a copy of the new trades.