Excuse me? Oonst? I say, Oonst?

I had a sudden and drastic urge to DANCE tonight. If I was still cool enough to have even a vague clue about where The Kids go these days with their raves and their drugs and stuff, I might have gone out. But it wouldn’t have been any fun without Annette anyway.

Once we live in town, perhaps we can do more of this stuff? I kinda hope so. I think my mad desire to dance is related to watching the episode of Spaced where Tim and Daisy and Mike and Twist and Brian and Tyres all go to a club and have a great time drinking and dancing, even though they all started out somewhat down.

For a time, in the early 90’s, I was crazed club ninja, I had VIP passes to various chch clubs (that almost certainly no longer exist) and the bar staff knew what drinks to bring, without asking me. I had a lot of fun, back then. Am I too old for that shit these days, I wonder?

Also, I am pondering selling my motorcycle and buying a really good pushbike, for travel around the central city once I actually live there.

And, once again, I wish Annette were here. I miss her! Much! Vastly! Huge!


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