So, I just found out that Annette has frantically been sending me mail to my personal account (which I have been mostly ignoring, cos work has been busy as and I was expecting her to mail me at my work account. And I have been frantically sending mail to the hotmail account that annette gave me before she left, whereas she’s been _checking_ her _university_ account!

So, there’s been a frantic bidirectional stream of “I love you! I miss you! You are my bestest woobie!” etc, all missing the intended target. :)Hopefully we have it sorted out now. 🙂

Some signs that I am bored and lonely:

– Workstation storage drive cleaned out, organised, defragmented
– Workstation BIOS settings tweaked, optimised
– Room furniture re-arranged for maximum efficiency
– Cat groomed
– T-shirts folded
– Media Server physically rebuilt. Now fits in 4RU of 19″ space.
– Socks bundled
– Local printer moved from SMB share on my workstation to standalone network printer
– Floor vacuumed

Annette tells me that so far, she has not experienced monkeys, though she did get to feed some deer, so that’s okay. I hope there are small mammals SOMEWHERE in her visit, however. 🙂