Annette left for Japan today. She’s only been gone a few hours, and I already miss her.

Our room is SO QUIET without her around. I may have to go out for a drive or something.

15 days to go!


  1. she will be back soon little one.

    in the meantime, why not join a cult?

    so many ‘like minded individuals’ co habiting in so many isolated fields.

    go on…

  2. You could plan a nice welcome home for her by…

    organising a welcome home party
    baking a cake
    knitting her some mittens
    learning to play her favourite song on an accordion

  3. do you get on well with her dad? cos he’s staying home too eh.

    • Yes, he is – but he’s not here much, since he works shifts and goes off hunting and stuff.

      I get on perfectly well with him, however, so that’s all cool.

  4. i like the accordion idea.

    also, if you are missing her, try making an annette doll and talking to it. it wouldn’t be weird at all. honest.