Max Payne 2

I’d been playing Max Payne 2 for the last 3 days. That’s the same amount of time Jesus spent in the cave. Coincidence? I didn’t believe in coincidence.

I hadn’t played the original, though many people had told me about it. And then told me I was crazy not to have played it. If the sequel is anything to go by, they were right.

I always felt kinda guilty about not playing the original, like there was a gap in my gaming experience. A Max Payne shaped abyss in my mind, filled with the shapes and shadows of what might have been.

While I was playing it over the last few days, the room had been close and hot .. the weather was changing. It was definitely turning into Springtime here in Auckland. But it was always winter in my soul. And the winter seemed colder when you got near the abyss.

Annette had been patient with me, but I could sense her displeasure at my constant focus on the game. She was quite a dame, and I couldn’t really risk making her mad. Anyone who can say goodnight by throwing a pair of socks at you, just because you were wearing headphones .. that was a person you wanted in your good books.

I liked the Max Payne 2 noir notion that painkillers were all you needed to deal with multiple gunshot wounds. If only all pain could be dealt with in this way. “Stop being such a bitch, and pill me up!” .. too true. Too true.

I’d seen guys fill the void within, or deal with hurled socks, by downing in pills. Even worse than drowning in sorrows. Or in darkness.

But stylish video games are what I use to right back the darkness, not drugs or drink or trashy women.

Stop being such a bitch.

And pill me up.


  1. Still have around 20% to go before I can partake in the Max Payne 2 goodness. I’m relieved it turned out to be a great game. There’s been a lot of crap lately.

    All those people were right, check out the original as well. You just can’t miss that “so corny it’s cool” dialogue. The dream sequences in Payne 1 were funky too. If you want to check it out and can’t find it let me know and i’ll hook you up.

    At least she just throws socks at you dude… Dom sulks for days on end because she thinks I don’t listen to her. I’d rather deal with that and keep wearing my headphones though. Nothing takes the mood out of a game like having Aussie Idol judges squawking in your ear.