From news.com:

“The [RIAA] filed 261 lawsuits against computer users it said were exclusively “egregious” file swappers, marking the first time copyright laws have been used on a mass scale against individual Net users. The barrage of lawsuits signaled a turning point in the industry’s three-year fight against online song-trading services such as Kazaa and the now-defunct Napster and one of the most controversial moments in the recording industry’s digital history.

On Tuesday, the RIAA settled its first case with Brianna Lahara, a 12-year-old New York resident. The recording industry agreed to drop its case against the preteen in exchange for $2,000, a sum considerably lower than previous settlement arrangements. Legal actions by the RIAA had been taken on a sporadic basis against operators of pirate servers or sites, but ordinary computer users have never before been at serious risk of liability for widespread behavior.”

Phew! That must be a load off Eminems mind, eh! Chester from Linkin Park can sleep at night! Justin Timberlake can finally relax. JUSTICE PREVAILS!


One thought on “Evil BEWARE

  1. This, from the ODT, as well:

    “The Recording Industry Association of America said it settled with Sylvia Torres, the New York mother of a 12-year-old girl who offered more than 1000 songs on the family’s computer through an Internet service… Ms Torres’ daughter, Brianna LaHara, said in a joint statement with the association: “I am sorry for what I have done. I love music and I don’t want to hurt the artists I love.”
    Brianna was featured on the front page of the New York Post and was quoted as saying: “I got really scared. My stomach is all turning.”
    She lives with her brother and mother in a city housing authority apartment.”

    Way to go, guys – crack down on those least able to afford a decent lawyer to defend this sort of suit, and play on people’s fears of ongoing, expensive court action. The word “extortion” springs to mind…


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