Carry on my warward son…

I’ve spend much of today listening to 70’s stadium rock … man, it’s the greatest. Right up there with 80’s power ballads and heavy metal, and that’s saying something.

Been reading some new comics, firstly J. Michael Stracztnski’s “Rising Stars” which is (as expected) utterly engrossing, from a story perspective. However, I find the artwork to be a bit of a mindscramble – I have difficulty telling some of the characters apart at first glance, and they all appear to have exactly one facial expression. Which is a bit such, cos otherwise it’s awesome.

Secondly, the also very good “Powers” comic, by Brian Bendis and Michael Oeming – I’ve had this one recommended to me about 10,000 times in the last couple of years, and it does in fact turn out to be pretty damn good.

Oh, yeah. Annette made me watch “From Justin to Kelly”. Which is a “romantic comedy” about text messaging. Imagine my delight. It was much much worse that I was expecting, however. If you’re pondering seeing it for sheer crap value, don’t. Go rent “The Rollerblade Seven” instead. You’ll be glad you did.

What else .. um… work is being busy, but a bunch of fun otherwise. I got to buy a FRICKIN’ LASER the other day, to connect a couple of buildings in town. New Layer-1 devices are always welcome in my lab! Short-range IR lasers are amazingly cheap these days!

The apartment appears laughably not-even-close to finished, and we were supposed to be in there in around a week. There’s NO WAY this will be happening in that time frame. Ah well. Hopefully we’re not pissing Annette’s parents off too much by lurking in the back backroom like toads in a well.


  1. Good on you for watching it with her though. I respect you for it. I’ve had to watch so many bloody giant mutant robots driving fast cars which roll down hills and explode in big orange flashes while someone gets laid in a helicopter hovering above the motorway, and it’s almost never reciprocated.

    • Now, see, what he actually meant by “watch with” was he was reading a book in the same room and occasionally looked up when my gnashing of teeth got too loud.

      (It’s okay though. I had to fast-forward through at least half of it to keep my own head from exploding – who knows what it would have done to someone that doesn’t generally enjoy teen musicals?)

      • from justin to kelly

        and when i say ‘see’, i mean fast forward through and/or watch at a disrespectable hour of the morning so it won’t matter about exploding heads. much in the same manner as crossroads.
        also: when do i get to com ‘see’ the anna nicole show?

        • Crossroads deserves an Oscar, compared to this.

          I’m serious.

          QL is currently in pieces under JSR’s desk, so we can’t watch anything from it, but he says it should be hooked up to something soon and then you can come over and watch whenever 🙂 Probably once we’re in the apartment though, since there is less than no room here and my computer has no sound at the moment and blah blah blah.

    • Oh man. That sounds excellent. It’s only a Ninja away from being the Best Movie Ever.

      • See! Damn it – I bet you’re going to wander off and make that now, and then I’ll have to sit through it at some point in the future, no doubt. Probably several times.

  2. Your apartment building as of today.

    The reason.