Like A Cat

So Elvis the Cat is limping around, putting on his best Forlorn Eyes in an effort to get more food out of Annette and I.

Only my cat could strain a muscle “perhaps falling off something” (the vets words, not mine).

Whoever coined the phrase “Catlike Grace” did not own Elvis, that’s for sure.

I won’t even describe the time he got a cardboard ice-cream tub stuck on his head while trying to lick out the remnants, then (with tub still attached) fell backwards off the coffee table.

I love him so.


  1. Hee.

    That’s an excellent visual, and the sort of thing that should be captured on film.

  2. The mists of imagination part…

    I see the brave and valient Captain Scott, his long black flowing hair waving in the breeze. His One True Love has been kidnapped by the Evil Harpie so that she can suck the life force out of her and transfer it to her own dried up husk.

    Captain Scott and his side-kick, Elvis, leap aboard their sleek wickedly fast starfighter and shoot off to the asteroid hideout of the Evil Harpie. Entering her lair, Captain Scott races to the life force extractor and pulls out the plug. Elvis rushes over to his master’s One True Love to free her from the last sucks of the extractor, there isn’t a moment to lose. One second more and she will be gone forever…

    Evis leaps, every fiber in his being straining towards the black hose attached to her. His feet connect with a cable lying on the floor and with one balletic movement reminicent of feline grace, his head sweeps down with the force of one whose feet have ceaced to move but whose torso hasn’t realised, and slams into a droid sitting squatly. His arms fly up and manage to entangle in a mesh of energy coils, he flicks around to free himself and the drag of the energy coils draws over the power converter onto Captain Scott, who is now helplessly pinned beneath it.

    Who can save his One True Love now?
    Where is the Evil Harpie?
    Tune in next week and see.