And so I’m back! From outer space! Okay, no, Sydney, but that makes the song much less interesting.

Item: Sydney is MUCH more fun when you’re on an expense account, than when you’re not. It goes from being a grubby, hot, unpleasant town to a scintilating jewel of the pacific, where little elves bring you drinks and delicious food and then bowingly depart, leaving behind joy and happiness, and taking with them only your corporate credit card details. Kickass.

Item: I have just finished reading William Gibson’s latest novel, “Pattern Recognition” and it’s excellent. Superb, in fact. Possibly his best work, in my opinion, and that’s including the “wow!” factor of reading Neuromancer for the first time, back in The Day. Everyone go buy Pattern Recognition, and read it. It makes me want to take up marketing as a career. 🙂

Item: On marketing, I’ve been thinking greatly about marketing concepts for my little boutique ISP, now that it’s close to completion. Some of them are good ideas, I think. I need to price NZ TV advertisments, but I strongly suspect that peak-time ads are going to really really not be cheap.

Item: The purchase of the new apartment has gone unconditional. Mmmmmmm, yes. I cannot wait to get in there. I also have renovation plans, which I really must sketch out and show to Annette for her opinion. I’ll have to abandon them if she doesn’t approve. The problem is that she’s greatly into organic spaces and concepts, and I’m more into a Bauhaus sort of style, and never the two shall meet. Tricky! Suggestions for refit styles are welcome!


  1. I am 3/4 of the way through ‘Pattern Recognition’ and enjoying it very much. I’ve been reading it mostly during my lunch hours at work and I always hate having to put it down and go back to work.

  2. renovation: jacuzzi. Say no more. I realise your apartment is small, but some things are worth the space!