So much stuff going on at the moment.

Anyway, okay, spare house is now on the market officially, and the realtor doesn’t think my price and time frames are unreasonable. Sweet! Offer for the new apartment completed, and the bank is fine as long as we sell the spare house. I’ve also arranged for an inspection of our current house to see what it’ll fetch for rent if we rent it out – I hope it can cover it’s mortgage, cos I’d really like to keep it.

Also, got shareholder forms for various people to fill in for yet ANOTHER cool business venture, plus many many bills to pay. Stupid ‘spensive house and transport and stuff. When I’m in the apartment in town, I’ll have SO MUCH LESS MONEY to part with. Can’t wait!

What else is up – I re-read “On Writing” by one S. King, who’s the rhythm guitarist for the Rock Bottom Remainders – I believe he also writes horror stories when he’s not gigging – and it’s very inspiring. I’d REALLY like to write, and I have story ideas which are (I think) godo and viable, but when you read about how someone _HAS TO WRITE FOR HOURS PER DAY_ or else have terrible internal demons urging them to do so, it’s kinda bleak. 🙂

Annette is currently watching some crappy comedy about a ditzy blonde who goes to Harvard. My best guess at the TV Guide entry is this:

08:30 PM – Sky Movies – “A Load of Bollocks” (Dir – Ron Howard, Starring Rob Schneider, Adam Sandler, Rene Zellweger) “A bunch of crap happens. There are misunderstandings, leading to wackiness. Rob Schneider mostly hits the beats in some physical comedy, but his timing is occasionally slightly off making you unsure about when to laugh. There’ll probably be titties, but it’s PG, so no nipples. Adam Sandler talks in a squeaky voice. The titties may well jiggle.” PG (3/5 Stars)


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