A friend posted this to IRC today:

America. Please. Enough.

[Edit: A comment from Menolly saying “That’s so funny!” makes me edit this, to say: This is not a photoshopped joke. This is REAL.]


  1. that is scary on so many levels.

    also, from the “shit like this only exists on ebay” files: cuddly saddam

  2. aha… you non-geek you..

    I posted a comment to your other friend who posted about the cuddly Saddam toy, with the crotchet missile… which is why it was his message I commented on, not your one.

    I know your one (the glass hands and figure) is real…

    teeheehee… silly boy 😉

  3. I think… yes, I’m pretty certain… that this artefact is the most perfect encapsulation of evil I have ever seen expressed in an artwork.