Month: February 2003

Don’t Mention The War

Someone on IRC the other day said “Someone should point out to Gearge Bush that when the Germans don’t want to go to war, you must really have fuck-all grounds for it.”

Later in the same discussion, that same person said “Well, don’t blame me, I voted for the other guy. With the majority.”

I found myself missing several friends on Christchurch recently. Including people who I have simply totally lost track of. I will have to TRACK THEM DOWN! How exactly does one do that? Private Investigators on TV seem to do it all the time, with great ease.

I will start with various mutual acquaintances, and then try the Electoral Roll.

A New Bike Appears

No update for ages. Kevin Costner is Dances with Wolves, and I am Sucks at Journals.

However here’s some key stuff since previous updatey:

– Dave F and Steve P both resigned at work. This is not cool. They’re both full of clue, and it’s ICONZ’ loss IMHO. But, ah well, greener pastures await them both. Upside (sort of) is that this has triggered a re-org, and I have been .. I guess promoted, but there’s no more money or anything. But, I am now in charge of the ICONZ engineering dept. I always seem to end up in this position, no matter where I go. Perhaps it’s my ground state of working.

– My web site now stands at about 2.1TB of usable disk, with 1.7TB of active data on it. Burn rate is currently about 100GB of disk per month. Sweet! Fortunately, storage density keeps up with the rate at which I can accumulate data. I hope this trend continues.

– I found out that Oolong the pancake-balancing rabbit died, and saw pictures of the funeral. He was buried WITH SNACKS! That’s how I want to go!

– I’ve been watching more Anime – recent watches include Excel Saga, Puni Puni Poemi and Digi Charat. If I had to chose a word to describe these shows, especially PPP, it would be: “Kinetic”

– I’m listening to much more music these days, including a lot more gothy stuff, just like I used to do back in the 80’s. Am I flashing back? Will I start wearing stone-wash jeans again? Grow my mullet back in? IT’S TEMPTING!

– I now am the proud owner of a Suzuki GSX750ES, which I intend to go pick up this coming weekend. Huzzah! It’s nice to have a bike. I have sorely missed having one.

– I’m planning to have a small LAN, to swap pirated media at. It started off as a small concept, now people are suggesting things like venues, DJ’s, etc. I think not, but it _is_ tempting. A LAN where the MAIN focus is l33ching, where gaming is secondary, and where I know the network will work. 🙂