Serious Post

Poor Annette got a phone call this morning from her mum, to tell her that one of her uncles had died, apparently by suicide. No-one I’d met, and not one she’d had much to do with, apparently, but still.. amazingly sucky.

I am fairly perplexed by suicide. There have been times in my life when I’ve been so down that I’ve considered it, but the feeling never lasts, because (and stop me if I’m getting all Tony Robbins here) the world we live in is so big, and full of cool things and people. No matter how bad it gets, surely one can always just start again. Even if you end up (a) unemployed, (b) in massive debt, (c) ill, and (d) your True Love has just left you in order to sleep with a lot of random guys (Note: This example is extreme, and is also the situation I was in at one of my down periods), rather than ending it all, consider (a) NZ has a strong welfare system, that provides easily enough money to get by on, if not luxuriously, (b) banks and the aforementioned social welfare system WILL help you resolve this, (v) socialised medicine also a biggie in NZ, and (d) get over it, if she did this to you, she’s a slapper anyway.

Life is short enough. It’s a shame to shorten it.

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