Heat Vision and Jack

So, I recently watched the unaired pilot for a show called Heat Vision and Jack.

It’s about a astronaut named Jack Austin (Played by Jack Black, the singing half of Tenacious D) whose spacecraft passes too close to the sun, and as a result now becomes superhumanly intelligent whenever the sun is up. Accompanying him is Heat Vision, a talking motorcycle with the mind of his unemployed former roommate. The roommate was merged with his bike while trying to help Jack escape from NASA, who have sent well-known actor Ron Silver (played by himself) to catch him.

I swear, I’m not making this up.

They wander America, eluding Ron, and fighting crime and helping the helpless wherever they can. It’s Knight Rider, meets The Six million Dollar Man, meets Renegade, meets .. ah hell, meets a whole bunch of mid-80’s shows, and just to drive the point home, it’s soundtrack is chock-full of mid-80s music.

It’s the best thing I’ve seen for weeks. I shall be quoting from it.


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  1. that sounds fantastic. i want to see it!