Month: November 2002


So, work xmas do last friday – was on Waiheke Island, at a vinyard. A very good vinyard. With a very very good, very very expensive merlot. Which I consumed a couple of bottles of. Stony Ridge wines. Pay attention. Buy them, and you will be happy.

Waiheke is really very pleasant. I was expecting something much less civilised than it actually is, something with banjos and albinos. It’s actually much like any other small town. I think I’d want to have a boat, and a mooring back in Auckland, if I were actually living there.

I Won’t Finish It

And so, Nov 1, I make a start on my Novel. I plan to have it finished for the end of the month.

This is, of course, for, The International Novel Writing Month.

I am devoting this evening to planning it, and the rest of the month to writing the thing. It will be, of course, an Epic Fantasy Novel. There may be plot coupons in the form of enchanted items that must be collected by the protagonist and his associates, and they may well be redeemed for valuable victory-over-evil at the end of the novel. We shall see.

Off I go, then.