Heavy, Man

Two heavy things today:

(1) I got a haircut. A serious haircut. I thought my last haircut was serious when I went from having hair half-way down my back to moderately short, but this time I’ve gone to a number two all over, which basically means my head is just fuzzy, like a big peach. It’s a smaller quantity of hair than the last one, but it’s even more of a serious change. I’m still getting used to it. Annette’s new haircut looks GREAT, but I am unsure of my own. It’s a big thuggish/skinheady. It’s possible I’m just too large to get away with it without looking like a thug. Which kinda sucks. Easy to grow out if I decide I don’t like it.

(2) I made an offer on a new (used) car. A mazda MX-5, bright red, covertible (A mazda miata to you american types) and it’s pretty cool, and very well priced. I’ll know if they’ve accepted in the next 48 hours or so. MASSIVE FRETTING ON MY PART! I hope they do, I’ve always wanted a convertible. I came VERY close to offering on a mid-80’s Chevrolet Corvette, but then, at the last minute, I remembered that my gas usage is already pretty high, and the reason I’ve been shopping for small cars.

So much change. I fear it.

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  1. Dude. Are you a hairdresser? Are you sure you want people to think that youre a hairdresser? When you try and parallel park people will give you an extra wide berth because they think your a hairdresser, do you want that?

    Then why do you want a hairdresser car?