Goddamn it

Conversation I just had with Annette on the subject of what side-dish would accompany the chicken she was making for dinner:

ANNETTE: “What shall we have with the chicken?”

JSR: “Whatever, I don’t mind.”

ANNETTE: “You have to choose.”

JSR: “No really, whatever.”

ANNETTE: “Nooo, you HAVE to choose.”

JSR: “Well, okay, what do we have the fixin’s of?”

ANNETTE: “All sorts. Anything. We can have whatever you want, but you have to choose it.”

JSR: “Sheesh, fine, okay, rice.”


ANNETTE: (Note: Must be imagined in tones of someone strongly disinclined to eat rice) “Rice?”


  1. Erk. This is so familiar. Is that why they won’t suggest anything?

  2. I admit that that is truely annoying, but men do that too you know! I know one in particular that does it all the time!!!