SO, Chris had a small LAN gaming session ’round at his apartment last saturday, which I attended. It’s much easier to pick up and go to those when you have an LCD monitor. I plan to purchase a new case for my machine that’s smaller than full-tower, to ease future lannage as well. I love LAN sessions.

THOUGH, as USUAL, we had monumental problems with installed games, and differing patch levels and warez vs non-warez and so on. But I got to play Jedi Knight II, which is fun, with the light sabres and the force powers (Note: Chris used force grip, picked me up, and dropped me down a Star Wars Chasm(tm), not cool, though _he_ found it funny.) and so on, plus we played Armagetron, which is the coolest lightcycles game ever, and is ONLY to be played in 1st-person mode .. wheee!

What else – lessee, discussed a really solid business idea with friends and my beloved, we even agreed to have a go at it based on some PERFECTLY positioned retail space which was up for lease, only to find the next day that it’d leased already. CURSES! However, it did lead to some very useful thoughts about the business structure, which we’ll use at a later date I am sure.

ICONZ rocks, so far. I’m having a fine old time. I really must stop using my callplus free dialup account, however – no idea why they have not turned that off yet.

Annette is suffering from What Do I Do Now disease, which I recognise from personal experience. I think it’d be great if she did postgrad stuff, but it’d ALSO be cool if she got a double degree, or did some post-grad in something really interesting. She’s discussing museum/library studies which frankly, rocks the house. Here’s hoping. I’d also really like to involve her in some of my own business work, but I’m scared how that will work if it all goes back. Having a company fold utterly and dissolve into slime, releasing the howling shades of the damned to fly screaming into the night is somethat that anyone who owns a company has to keep in mind, but I’d be worried if it affected anyone other than myself.

I am thinking about an upgrade for my computer. It’s still using the same old 1Ghz CPU it’s had for a year or so, and might be due for a speed-up, and I can give the old motherboard/cpu to Annette, whose computer has been acting .. WEIRD … for a while now.

The GYM! The GYM BRINGS ME PAIN. I haven’t been for 4 or 5 months, and now I’m back and (a) it hurts, and (b) the staff are VERY sarcastic. (Typical comment – “So, what have you been doing while you’ve been away? ..[sort pause while they examine my round belly] .. “looks like ‘eating’ has been very high on your list.” … so I am shamed into working out. It works, too.