Okay, I haven’t updated for ages, so sue me.


(1) Dance Dance Revolution. I know I am not, by a long shot, a 10-year-old asian girl, but dammit if this isn’t quite addictive. I am also, I must point out, the SINGLE WORST DDR PLAYER EVER. However, it’s fun. I plan on finding some dancepads soon, for that full-on arcade action. Annette, however, is excellent at it. Curses!

(2) New Job. I’ve started at Iconz, it’s been excellent so far. Iconz has a nice balance of full-on corporateness (required as the vast sum of their income is from corporate customers) and laid-back relaxed-ness (example: My new boss comes into my office at around 6.00pm the other night, and says “I need to talk to you!” so I start to pick up my notepad and folders and stuff, when he says “I’m stuck on a Jedi Knight II level, and I need your help!” .. all class!)

Also, Iconz has a real coffee machine, with bean grinder, milk frother, etc. I can start the day with a latte! And then a mid-morning latte! And one with lunch! And mid-afternoon! And the odd one through the day to keep me going! And then my hands are shaking, and I’m jabbering mindlessly at co-workers! BLAHBLAHBLAH!

Anyway, it’s all good so far. And I’m close to my co-located server. Mmmm, yesss, my precious! MY PRECIOUS! We loves it forever!

(c) The gym! With my new job being back in town, I can get back to the gym again! And frankly, I really need it. Annette is slimmer every day, whereas I feel more and more like Fat Bastard all the time. “Get in mah belly!”. So this bodes well, I really must try to get there every day.

Annette and I went out to a cocktail party at a little place in Vulcan Lane the other night, I sunk back a couple of cosmopolitans (the best cocktail in the world) which was all good – we rarely go out, so it’s nice when we do.


  1. hi there dude

    found your journal… 🙂

  2. Nice to see you both last night 🙂

  3. yay, thanks for coming 😀 it was good to finally meet you!