Month: August 2002

Goddamn it

Conversation I just had with Annette on the subject of what side-dish would accompany the chicken she was making for dinner:

ANNETTE: “What shall we have with the chicken?”

JSR: “Whatever, I don’t mind.”

ANNETTE: “You have to choose.”

JSR: “No really, whatever.”

ANNETTE: “Nooo, you HAVE to choose.”

JSR: “Well, okay, what do we have the fixin’s of?”

ANNETTE: “All sorts. Anything. We can have whatever you want, but you have to choose it.”

JSR: “Sheesh, fine, okay, rice.”


ANNETTE: (Note: Must be imagined in tones of someone strongly disinclined to eat rice) “Rice?”

Arachnids: NO

So, I spent a bit more of this weekend away from the computer, compared to normal. Much of sunday was spent either working on turning the exterior door of the computer room into an airlock to keep out THE TERRIBLE SPIDER INVASION and make Annette happier, or snuzzled up in bed or in front of the big tv downstairs, watching Notting Hill (surprisingly amusing for a Chick flick) and The Ninth Gate (Johnny Depp as a rare book dealer – an excellent movie except for the rather flat ending) which was all good.

I was worried about Annette – I didn’t realise until yesterday how she _really_ felt about spiders. And there are a lot of them around here, I think. I’m pretty worried that if they keep showing up, she’ll move out. That would indeed suck.


I went to see my friend Scott McFarlane in the hospital today. He’s doing surprisingly well, for someone who’s had a stroke, but he can’t speak, can’t move one of his arms much, and one of his legs, he’s breathing through a hole in his neck, and has a bunch of tubes running into and out of him.

And I ask him if there’s anything I can do, and he just shakes his head.

Apparently he’s very very lucky to even be alive.

Sometimes it’s good to have one’s eyes openened, and one’s priorities readjusted.

Oh Man

I’ve just been told that an old friend of mine, whom I’ve known for like 15 years since we both lived in Timaru (and who’d also moved up to Auckland) is in the central Auckland hospital – His parents called me tonight to let me know that he’d had a stroke three weeks ago, and was only now recovered enough to get them to call various people about it, and presumably unlock his cellphone/give them numbers to call.

So, I’ll go see the guy tomorrow, see if there’s anything I can do for him.

This does explain why he hasn’t been on ICQ or answering his cellphone recently.

A stroke. The dude is MY AGE. This is supposed to happen to old codgers, dammit.

On the plus side, his prognosis is apprently good – he should recover full movement over the next few months or so, so it could have been much much worse.

I hope there’s something useful I can do to help.

Eagle Has LANded.

SO, Chris had a small LAN gaming session ’round at his apartment last saturday, which I attended. It’s much easier to pick up and go to those when you have an LCD monitor. I plan to purchase a new case for my machine that’s smaller than full-tower, to ease future lannage as well. I love LAN sessions.

THOUGH, as USUAL, we had monumental problems with installed games, and differing patch levels and warez vs non-warez and so on. But I got to play Jedi Knight II, which is fun, with the light sabres and the force powers (Note: Chris used force grip, picked me up, and dropped me down a Star Wars Chasm(tm), not cool, though _he_ found it funny.) and so on, plus we played Armagetron, which is the coolest lightcycles game ever, and is ONLY to be played in 1st-person mode .. wheee!

What else – lessee, discussed a really solid business idea with friends and my beloved, we even agreed to have a go at it based on some PERFECTLY positioned retail space which was up for lease, only to find the next day that it’d leased already. CURSES! However, it did lead to some very useful thoughts about the business structure, which we’ll use at a later date I am sure.

ICONZ rocks, so far. I’m having a fine old time. I really must stop using my callplus free dialup account, however – no idea why they have not turned that off yet.

Annette is suffering from What Do I Do Now disease, which I recognise from personal experience. I think it’d be great if she did postgrad stuff, but it’d ALSO be cool if she got a double degree, or did some post-grad in something really interesting. She’s discussing museum/library studies which frankly, rocks the house. Here’s hoping. I’d also really like to involve her in some of my own business work, but I’m scared how that will work if it all goes back. Having a company fold utterly and dissolve into slime, releasing the howling shades of the damned to fly screaming into the night is somethat that anyone who owns a company has to keep in mind, but I’d be worried if it affected anyone other than myself.

I am thinking about an upgrade for my computer. It’s still using the same old 1Ghz CPU it’s had for a year or so, and might be due for a speed-up, and I can give the old motherboard/cpu to Annette, whose computer has been acting .. WEIRD … for a while now.

The GYM! The GYM BRINGS ME PAIN. I haven’t been for 4 or 5 months, and now I’m back and (a) it hurts, and (b) the staff are VERY sarcastic. (Typical comment – “So, what have you been doing while you’ve been away? ..[sort pause while they examine my round belly] .. “looks like ‘eating’ has been very high on your list.” … so I am shamed into working out. It works, too.


Okay, I haven’t updated for ages, so sue me.


(1) Dance Dance Revolution. I know I am not, by a long shot, a 10-year-old asian girl, but dammit if this isn’t quite addictive. I am also, I must point out, the SINGLE WORST DDR PLAYER EVER. However, it’s fun. I plan on finding some dancepads soon, for that full-on arcade action. Annette, however, is excellent at it. Curses!

(2) New Job. I’ve started at Iconz, it’s been excellent so far. Iconz has a nice balance of full-on corporateness (required as the vast sum of their income is from corporate customers) and laid-back relaxed-ness (example: My new boss comes into my office at around 6.00pm the other night, and says “I need to talk to you!” so I start to pick up my notepad and folders and stuff, when he says “I’m stuck on a Jedi Knight II level, and I need your help!” .. all class!)

Also, Iconz has a real coffee machine, with bean grinder, milk frother, etc. I can start the day with a latte! And then a mid-morning latte! And one with lunch! And mid-afternoon! And the odd one through the day to keep me going! And then my hands are shaking, and I’m jabbering mindlessly at co-workers! BLAHBLAHBLAH!

Anyway, it’s all good so far. And I’m close to my co-located server. Mmmm, yesss, my precious! MY PRECIOUS! We loves it forever!

(c) The gym! With my new job being back in town, I can get back to the gym again! And frankly, I really need it. Annette is slimmer every day, whereas I feel more and more like Fat Bastard all the time. “Get in mah belly!”. So this bodes well, I really must try to get there every day.

Annette and I went out to a cocktail party at a little place in Vulcan Lane the other night, I sunk back a couple of cosmopolitans (the best cocktail in the world) which was all good – we rarely go out, so it’s nice when we do.