My parents are visiting until next week. They’re here to help renovate the house, and when I say “help renovate” I mean, of course, “renovate”. Dad used to be a painter and decorator by trade, so Annette and I have done the tricky bits of the renovation, like choosing between “Tawny Lion” and “Mongoose” colour schemes for the main rooms, and Dad has the non-tricky bit of applying said paint to the walls.

We’ve also replaced the 70’s light fittings with new ones – we won’t be able to put them up until the final coat of paint has dried, however – maybe tomorrow.

This evening I’ve been watching many many episodes of a TV show called “Andromeda”, which is really rather appealing. It’s based on a concept by Gene Roddenberry, and Majel Barrett-Rodenberry is the executive producer.

And there’s a whole season (Season 2) that I have yet to watch! Yay!

I love cheesy sci-fi!