Month: July 2002


Oh yeah, kitty has been viciously attacking everyone recently, but in a CUTE way, and he’s been being more insane than usual – running around at high velocity, clawing the furniture, etc.

Again, in a CUTE way.

But I worry. And I’m more used to being clawed at random than Annette is. I also think I feel that bit of pointless random clawing pain adds to life, whereas I’m pretty sure that Annette feels she could do without it.

Oh Sure, Off White, Yes

My parents are visiting until next week. They’re here to help renovate the house, and when I say “help renovate” I mean, of course, “renovate”. Dad used to be a painter and decorator by trade, so Annette and I have done the tricky bits of the renovation, like choosing between “Tawny Lion” and “Mongoose” colour schemes for the main rooms, and Dad has the non-tricky bit of applying said paint to the walls.

We’ve also replaced the 70’s light fittings with new ones – we won’t be able to put them up until the final coat of paint has dried, however – maybe tomorrow.

This evening I’ve been watching many many episodes of a TV show called “Andromeda”, which is really rather appealing. It’s based on a concept by Gene Roddenberry, and Majel Barrett-Rodenberry is the executive producer.

And there’s a whole season (Season 2) that I have yet to watch! Yay!

I love cheesy sci-fi!

Careful Now, Ted

Annette was telling me recently about Americans attempting to describe or use common (or in the example I am about to give, slightly archaic) English colloquialisms. Here’s the one she described that I plan to use for the next few weeks – in response to a statement, in an effort to be affirmative:

“I’ve got to cocoa!”

Lovely. 🙂

Also, the DVD set of Father Ted (a show which until today, I had never seen) arrived – I think we’ve watched about 2/3 of the entire collection in one go. I should have watched it before, it’s very good, in a Black Books kind of way. Also arrived in the bundle, some of my Jeeves and Wooster DVDs! Huzzah! They’ll be watched later on.