Maybe Whittling?

I won an auction for a digital camera! I am so happy. I haven’t ever had a real one before. Only lame little low-res crappy ones.

Also, I left my cellphone at home today, for the first time in a long time. It’s a very curious sensation. I keep patting my pockets, doing The Cellphone Dance, and it’s not there. I feel slightly disconnected. This is enhanced by Annette (who is at home, where the phone is) telling me over ICQ that it’s rung. At least there’s always voicemail. And I am, after all, still plugged into The Interweb.

And, in recent news, the MPAA sent a “Stop it, you bastards.” e-mail to my current host ISP about my extremely illegal web site full of pirated TV shows for download. I am seriously pondering shutting it down, but … what would I do for a hobby then? I spend about an hour a day going through sharereactor and stuff, surfing for content.

I should find a cheap hobby. Building things out of popsicle sticks, perhaps. Gardening. It really pisses me off that almost ALL the stuff I like to do requires ludicrously expensive STUFF.


  1. Garden with meeeeeeee!

  2. These posts make me think of hobbies the guy I live with could get interested in. Like picking up his dirty socks. Throwing rubbish in the bin instead of leaving it on the benchtop. Dishes in the dishwasher. Butter in the fridge. All so very, very inexpensive and yet bring a lifetime of pleasure to moi. But I’m sure these things are not an issue in your household!

    • Oh, they are, but it’s all my doing.

      • Now how does this figure? Everyone I know thinks I’m the luckiest woman alive because he does all the cooking, and admittedly he is very good. But he does bugger all else and yet I’m the alleged sloth? I can’t work it out, but if one more person tells me I’m sooo lucky to have him I’ll set my hair on fire. Anyway, enjoy being the messy one. Revel in it.

  3. Don’t underestimate the many subtle but exciting details involved in gardening.

    For example, sometimes there’s a big storm, and half your tree blows away, and you think it’s dead, but several weeks later you discover it’s STILL GROWING SORT OF.

    Or, you plant two strawberry plants about half a metre apart, and one grows well and produces delicious strawberries while the other just stays the same size doing nothing. WHY IS THAT?

    Or you look one day into the gap between the fence and a concrete planter box and discover that, through no effort of your own, you have A WHOLE LOT OF FERNS.

    For these and many other reasons, I consider gardening mostly worth it.