In The Future, These Disk Sizes Will All Be Laughable Garbage

Well, after DAYS of juggling disks around, I have FINALLY got the new disk subsystem completed for It now has a nice fast one terabyte raid, and I shall use the old few hundred gig (Pish! What can you store on _that_, so small!) one for a home fileserver.


It’s taken ages because quite a lot of data that I’ve been copying has been on old IDE drives, and the IDE controller in my home linux box is rather old.

“Dee Emm Ayy? What ist this strange thing of which though … uh .. speaketh-est.”

Or something.

But anyway, when you’re dealing with big amounts of data, the difference between DMA and a PIO mode is the difference between “It’ll be done tomorrow” and “It’ll be done on friday.”


  1. are there like any other private citizens who have as much or more data than you???

    • You mean, for non-business use? Yeah, there’s bound to be. Some rich guy with his massive DVD collection on multiple TB’s of disk. I know this, cos that’s what I’d do if I were rich.