Not Very Good At Doing Things.

Okay, I really have a find a new job. I am, amazingly, actually getting slightly bored with just sitting around the house playing video games all day. Time to start searching for real.

I was in Wellington this last weekend, for InternetNZ business. I presented a small proposal at the stategic meeting (that InternetNZ should sponsor, or at least co-ordinate) a technology incubator. The council shot me down, bigtime. I shall quote one of the council members, who said (this is true) “InternetNZ is not very good at doing things.”

Never a truer word was spoken. I will not be standing for council again.

Hilarity on the plane ride back, also – sat next to the sleaziest, sluttiest hooker ever. She had been flown down from Auckland to see a client (who must like ’em sleazy). She was wearing black hotpants, a tight top with cleavage down to her navel, knee-high black leather boots, and a fake fur fabric coat over all of this. She had that worn, hard, slightly bruised look that long-term prostitutes sometimes get. Anyway, after telling me and the other guy on the other side of her what she did for a living, she offered to take me into the toilets and let me do whatever I wanted, for $250. I declined.

(Annette would kill me. And she was way WAY too skinny for my tastes in women. And besides, an AIRPLANE TOILET? I can hardly maneuver enough in one of those to take a piss, never mind gettin’ freaky)

So she asked the other guy. He declined. Then she pouted. Frankly, I was surprised that she didn’t wander the airplane aisle, asking random guys.

She was SO sleazy, she almost achieved a certain beauty. If I was a movie director, and I rang central casting and told them to send me over a sleazy hooker, and they sent THIS girl, I’d pay them a bonus.


  1. so a few things

    1. though about creating your own thing/game/software/company/religion? (want to sell me some sheepskins? )

    2. what happen to the guys who owned Ihug? I hope they died horrible, nasty , embarassing deaths or maimings 😉

    3. that’s 250 NZ? not USD right? wow, consider yourself flattered to be thought of as a big spender

    • 1) Working on that. But don’t have anything ready yet which can provide me with an income, and my mortgage MUST BE FED, lest it escape to raven and slay.

      2) A couple of the directors have resigned, to go do other things, apparently. I don’t feel strongly enough about it to wish anything nasty on them, and one (Bart) is downright cool. But apart from Bart, I’ll never work with or for any of them, ever again.

      3) Yep, NZ$250. I’m not suficiently (or indeed, at all) experienced with prostitutes to know if that’s a good price to be able to do “whatever I want”. But I think it’s cheap. And that suits the woman in question. 🙂