I was about 40km north of Masterton when the caffeine kicked in.

Annette was asleep beside me, and face drifted in and out of focus. I wanted to stop, and kiss her…. but this was bat country….

Of our trip down, I will only mention the detour off State Highway one, which was closed for roadworks (Oh yeah, easter weekend, that’s when _I_ would have done roadworks heavy enough to CLOSE THE DAMN HIGHWAY) and so we drive off the highway, into the middle of some countryside, where there’s a sign that says “Detour ends” … and THAT’S FUCKING IT. Am I back ON the main highway, AFTER the roadworks? Hell no, I am FUCKING NOT. I am, in fact, in the middle of FUCKING NOWHERE with ALBINO MUTANTS playing the DAMN BANJO.

Time to take another toke, and look at all these GOD-DAMN BATS!

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  1. Need a fly swatter for all the bats?