Is There A Monitor That I Can Place My Undead Foot Upon?

I saw Queen of the Damned tonight, with Darkhan and a bunch ‘o misc goths from the Auckland goth scene.

It brought pain. Actually, LESS pain than I was expecting it to bring, but still pain was plentifully brought by it, to me.

Aaliyah sucked. Like, really bad. Sucks that she died, but at least she’ll never act again. So there’s always a silver lining.

At one point Lestat assumed the CreedStance(TM), and I was most amused. At another point, Lestat is walking down a creepy scary staircase into an underground cave, and he says “Marius?” and Darkhan and I both simultaneously said “Satan?” out loud. Very spooky. We clearly watch too much of the same stuff.

Speaking of the Auckland goth scene, last time I was at one of their events, I was introduced to some hacker gothlet, and he DIDN’T BELIEVE I WAS ME. I had to produce photo ID (Drivers Licence) to prove that I was the same jsr who runs the once-mighty-until-the-MPAA-kicked-my-ass media website of death that was I gave him .. or someone, anyway (I was drinking vodka with scorpions in)… the URL to the sekrit backdoor to the media section on the site. He seemed very happy. We aim to please.


  1. I havent seen it yet, too afraid to be that irritated at a movie.

    So what did I see tonite? Resident Evil, it took about an hour for my blood pressure to come down. (note to self: dogs look better with fur, and my friends need not to poke me when I’m scared from all the shocks lest I become violent).

  2. Oh my god you mentioned the Creedstance! I’m so glad that other people in the world know of its existence!

    • Who could fail to recognise the creedstance? The crappy we-never-rehearse band I’m in is pondering buying some monitor speakers, just so we can do it.