News headline today from

“Fresh violence threatens Mideast peace moves”

Well, fuck me. Surely this doesn’t even count as news any more, does it? “Rationality and sanity abounts throughout Mideast peace moves.”, THAT would be news.

Guys, band together, buy a fucking huge chunk of (say) outback Australia. Spend more money to put in infrastructure (desalinisation plant, power, etc). Move there. Live there. Build an economy that functions. Believe in Allah, L Ron Hubbard, etc, whatver you want, whoever you want. Now no-one is bothering you, and you are bothing no-one. Build new holy places. It’s all private property, run by (say) a democratically elected governing board, or dictator, or theocracy, whatever you want. Keep out who you want to keep out, let in who you want to let in.