I need warp speed in five minutes or we’re all dead.

Still haven’t decided what to ask for a job title on my new position at Callplus. I think I’ll aim for “Chief Engineer – R&D” which will look DEAD SEXY on my C.V.

Annette told me today that she will soon be qualified to teach the Cisco CCNA course. A course that, while I have sat it, I have yet to get around to attempting the exam. And she’s going to TEACH it! She’ll soon have a MUCH better theoretical grasp of Data Networks than I do. This makes me very horny indeed, for some reason.


  1. Well, I’ll have some sort of instructor certificate for the first half of the CCNA online curriculum. Apparently 🙂

  2. oh my god that is so cute!!!! you guys give me cute attacks all the time. be my friends when i come to nz. please.