Month: January 2002

I need warp speed in five minutes or we’re all dead.

Still haven’t decided what to ask for a job title on my new position at Callplus. I think I’ll aim for “Chief Engineer – R&D” which will look DEAD SEXY on my C.V.

Annette told me today that she will soon be qualified to teach the Cisco CCNA course. A course that, while I have sat it, I have yet to get around to attempting the exam. And she’s going to TEACH it! She’ll soon have a MUCH better theoretical grasp of Data Networks than I do. This makes me very horny indeed, for some reason.

Change of Job

Woohoo! I’m changing jobs at Callplus! Out with the Operations Manager role, and in with … okay, it doesn’t have a name yet. In with the as-yet-not-yclept position which is sort of IP R&D, ISP and vISP and Wholesale bandwidth technical product manager sort of thing. I get to come up with a title. I wonder if I can get away with Chief Technical Officer? No matter what it’s called, it’s Less Managementy, and More Technical. Perfection.

Monkey Mind Is Calmed By Routine

Soooo, I’m all moved. Furniture in new house is arranged just so, not that this will stop me rearranging it several times in coming months. UHF, VHF and Sky Digital feeds are active. My Ultra dishes (one for the skytower, one for PAS-2) will be in place this coming week. The builder has been to see about the deck changes we want to make, and the carpet dude has measured up to quote on the replacement for funky 70’s paisleysploitation flooring that is currently in place. ALL IS RIGHT WITH THE WORLD. Seriously, I’ll be happy to get an Ultra account, however – this dial-up modem crap is totally frustrating. It usually leaves both Annette and myself staring at a blank browser window, watching ping times climb to several seconds as the poor overworked modem destroys itself. Additional bandwidth is required, and soon.

So, we let the cat out this weekend, too. He seems 100% happy to wander in and out. KICKASS! I was worried that he’d RUN LIKE THE WIND as soon as we showed him his freedom.


So, like, I have NO FUCKING IDEA what to put in my shiny new journal. (So shiny .. see it shine). Does anyone really care about what I’ve had for dinner today (pizza) or where I went to (Real Groovy, MAC makeup (with Annette, dammit) and SuJu for a smoothie) or what interesting things I am planning to do with my evening (nothing at all).

I may have to peruse other journals to see what’s expected.