MonthMarch 2008


So I took delivery of my positive pressure mask thing last night, it was dropped off by a tech who showed me how to use it and how to get telemetry and firmware updates and settings onto and off of it. (Memory sticks + snail mail, btw – very retro).

Last night was the first night of using it. It’s .. very weird. It’s a strange sensation to have something else doing your breathing for you. It kinda runs against hard-wired stuff in the psyche, breathing is something you do for YOURSELF. It’ll take quite some getting used to. No wonder post-Lava Vader was tetchy.

This morning, after sleeping with the thing doing it’s job last night, I feel .. weird, frankly. I don’t seem to be _tired_, but nor am I super-engergised. I did wake up a few times during the night, but mostly because of the previously mentioned uncomfortableness of the interface. This morning .. no sign of randomly falling asleep, and Annette did say that I slept very peacefully last night. This is good. But I do feel odd. I’m not at ease in my skin today.

I did notice that I got up this morning and wasn’t staggering around and bumping into things on the way from the bedroom to the shower. That’s new.

Critical Fumble

I wasn’t going to comment immediately on the death of Gary Gygax, co-creator of the Dungeons and Dragons game, because I was pretty sure that lots of blogs and webcomics would do so, and I wanted to try to avoid the “LOL DIDNT MAKE HIS SAVING THROW VS DEATH LOLOLROFLOL !11!111 EPIC FAIL !!1!!1 LONG CAT IS LONG” comments where possible, because they would no doubt be legion. And they were. But that flood seems to be over now.

So Bye bye Mr Gygax. Your game occupied a whole bunch of my teenage years, and encouraged me to use my imagination, for that I am in your debt.

Your influence is still felt on RPGs to this day, and probably will be forever. That’s a pretty good legacy.

Oooooo pretty!

Okay, so I downloaded some 1080p versions of the Star Wars movies (the pack contained six films at 8.3GB or so each, three of which were The Star Wars Trilogy, and there were also three other, more recent Lucasfilm movies, which I will not discuss at this or any other time) just to check out if, in fact, this high-res new format business was actually THAT much more awesome than regular old TV or DVD.

And yeah, fuck, it totally is. My new CPUs and graphics subsystems are actually up to playing this without dropping frames, and my monitor can display 1080p natively.

It looks … awesome. Really really awesome. I need me some more of this.

When I get a new TV, I am definitely getting one that can do this mode properly.

ZZZ * snork* ZZZ

So I just got a phone call from the Sleep Study guy – they got the data unit back and have finished processing the results. His exact words were “Yeah .. you .. are pretty bad, eh?” to which I had to fight not to say “I’m bad to the bone, baby.” because I don’t want to irk him.

Anyway, he’s meeting me tomorrow night at my apartment, to give me the NEXT machine I have to be hooked up to while I sleep. This is the first of the positive pressure devices that are actually supposed to help. Can’t wait.

It’s time.

I think …. I think I want to start my own country.

I’ll need:

– A Flag
– A National Anthem
– A Uniform
– Government Ministers/Generals/Toadies
– Uniforms for them, too
– Passports

What else is required?

Immediate appointments are of course vizi as Grand Vizier – a good choice because he comes with his own uniforms, except he’s in exile in the UK so that’s no good.

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