Paralysing Lip Gloss? Seriously.

I’ve watched episode one of season two of Torchwood today. This episode noticably features James Marsters.

The director of this episode looks to have given him instructions to be James Marsters as much as he possibly can. Which is, it would seem, quite a lot.

I’m pretty sure there’s a three-person support crew just for his cheekbones.

As soon as I saw James, I bet myself $20 that he would (a) fight, and (b) snog Captain Jack. I got the order wrong – they snogged first – but my money changed pockets.


  1. See: Firefly, when Mal’s ‘wife’ uses knock-out lipstick..

  2. The temptation for pedantry is strong, oh, soo, strong.
    But the ep it did rock, and, as another reviewer said, many of the flaws of the other main characters were downplayed, even so much that I didn’t want to kill Owen (or Yanto)

  3. I have this, on the hard drive. Waiting for Karl to get back, on THURSDAY so I can watch it.

    I have, indeed, twitched. However, I have also already seen the trailer: the kiss, the fight, and the Adam Ant jacket.

  4. It looks like he’s going to be back for some other episodes this series. If he wears that Adam Ant jacket again and does all dirty pashy things, I’m all for it. Hawt.

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