Just got back from the early screening of Serenity. I enjoyed it VASTLY. I’m likely to go see it again when it’s in general release, and I’ll certainly buy the DVD. Especially if there’s commentary. Sweet sweet commentary. It’s like candy to me.

Joss Whedons’ introductory comments at the start were themselves hilarious, and there were a LOT of laughs in the movie. And some very poignant moments also. One thing that Whedons work occasionally lacks is actual suspense. (Oh no! Could Willow actually be going to destroy the whole world? Stay tuned to find out!) but I was actually inching forward in my seat on a couple of occasions. Disbelief was well-suspended throughout.

Annette and I amused ourselves on the walk up Queen street to the theatre by attempting to identify people who we thought were also headed for this particular movie.

JSR: [Points at portly late-20s guy with neck beard] “Serenity. And has a favourite linux distribution, and will outline his reasons for preferring it over other linux distributions.”
Annette: “For sure.” [Points at woman in long leather coat, wearing some kind of western-style crossed ammo belt things] “Serenity, definitely.”
JSR: “No doubt.” [Points at skinny long-haired guy wearing long coat.] “Serenity. Also, trenchcoats for geeks are played the fuck out. Someone should tell him.”
Annette: [Points at couple] “Black-wearin’ geek guy with chubby girlfriend. 100% Serenity.”
JSR: “We geeks do like our ample women. Oh my yes.”


  1. “We geeks do like our ample women. Oh my yes.”

    The last time I said anything like that near my girlfriend… she hit me alot, then bit my shoulder until i cried out.

    so i rephrased it to “[ample equivalent] and psycho”. Then ran.

    you had no reprisals for your comment?

  2. Gah! So jealous. I’m longing for Serenity.

  3. Also, trenchcoats for geeks are played the fuck out. Someone should tell him.

    SINCE WHEN?! Trenchcoats will NEVER be played the fuck out, they are timeless, they are classic, they… oh all right. What I really mean to say is I’m still wearing mine…

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